Fayetteville Fury Dominates National Indoor Soccer League Doubleheader Against Magic City SC

FAYETTEVILLE, NC– In an extraordinary showcase of skill and determination, Fayetteville Fury emerged victorious in both the Women's and Men's National Indoor Soccer League games against Magic City SC today. The Women's game concluded with an outstanding scoreline of 11-1 in favor of Fayetteville, while the Men's team secured a commanding 11-2 win.

The Women's game kicked off with Fayetteville Fury showcasing their offensive prowess, taking an early lead with goals from Maddie Capel, Anna Boda, Olivia Bronson, Shannon Leghart, and Rebekah Furr. The team continued their dominance in the following periods, securing the 11-1 victory.

In the Men's game, the Fury demonstrated their exceptional skills with goals from Rosendo Sierra-Flores, Axcel Martinez Cuello, Eli Garner, Wissem Obeid, and others. The final score of 11-2 highlighted Fayetteville Fury's offensive prowess and defensive resilience.

Key highlights from the Women's game included Olivia Bronson's hat-trick and Shannon Leghart's two goals, while in the Men's game, multiple players contributed to the scoreline, with no shortage of excitement for the fans.